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10 reasons to buy

  • Several wearers of the Copa Gloro 17.2 FG were amazed by the great fit it offers through the Taurus full grain calf leather.
  • Many users have sworn that the firm ground soccer cleat was the most comfortable they have worn.
  • A lot of those who purchased the soccer cleat think that it is worth the money considering its overall premium quality.
  • Many players became fanatics of the old-school vibe of the Copa Gloro 17.2 FG.
  • Some commenters particularly liked the Predator-like tongue of the soccer cleat.
  • The Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 FG was highly recommended by several of its users.
  • Some of the reviewers perceived the firm ground cleats to be flexible on both natural and artificial surface.
  • A few users agree that the soccer cleat is ideal for training sessions.
  • A good number of users described the Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 as an “all-weather” cleat due to the waterproof quality of its upper.
  • The soccer cleat offers improved ball touch according to a few players.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Many wearers were a bit frustrated that the Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 felt too tight and small, particularly in the toe area.
  • Some players were quick to compare the soccer cleats from its previous generation, saying that the latter has better leather quality.
  • A few commenters have experienced durability issues as the cleat ripped off after just a few uses.
  • Some have pointed out their distaste for the big flap tongue.

Bottom line

With all these premium qualities, it is undoubtedly a soccer cleat worth every penny. These make Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 as one of the best go-to cleats for every player of any level, any weather or any taste! True to their commitment to quality consistency, the Three Stripes makes sure that the same can be said about 2018's Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2 FG.

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Good to know

  • Apparent with its unique name, the firm ground soccer cleat is considered to be a hybrid of the two iconic lines from Adidas - the Copa and the Gloro. The most valued elements from each series are merged into one firm ground soccer cleat, producing a one of a kind heritage cleat.
  • The classic vibe starts off with the upper which features a Taurus full grain calf leather material. The natural leather is known for its water absorption and abrasion-resistant qualities, as opposed to the less water-resistant Kangaroo leather upper of soccer cleats such as the Nike Premier II Firm Ground, Copa 17.1 and the original Gloro cleat.
  • To complete the old-school style of the low top soccer cleat, a flap tongue is installed above the central lacing system. The tongue features an elastic strap that can be wrapped around at any point on the soleplate, depending on one’s preference. It aids in adding more comfort from the midfoot and in enhancing ball touch by covering the laces.
  • A deviation from the classic features is the flexible modern-looking plate designed with a translucent material. The semi-transparent polymer shows an outline of the Adidas World Cup cleat’s soleplate. It is composed of conical studs that work best in rotational maneuverability.

The Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 FG is available in sizes ranging from 6 to 13.5 in men’s version only. The premium Taurus upper offers a comfortable sensation that would require longer break-in time. It is also important to note that the toe area runs small and tight according to the majority of users. It is recommended to go for one size up when purchasing these cleats.

The plate is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which allows for a flexible movement, especially around the toe area. The flex plate with full conical studs is built for push-off motions and change of directions.

Five conical studs line up both perimeters with one stud positioned in the center of the forefoot area. This configuration is identical to the Copa 17.1 firm ground cleats. The stud arrangement enhances rotational movements.

The Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 Firm Ground offers a premium vamp sensation through the Taurus material. It is specifically a full grain calf leather that is ideal for rain or shine conditions due to its water absorption characteristic. The toe box area of the natural leather is designed with debossed stitches to avoid overstretching and to improve ball touch.

The symmetrical laces serve as the cleat’s fastening system along with the classic fold-over tongue on top. The tongue is extended with an elastic strap to do away with the unstable flapping. The strap can be stretched in different ways based on personal preference.

The low top soccer cleat has the Adidas stripes embroidered on both sides while the Copa trademark is printed on the heel area.

  • The Copa Gloro 17.2 is available in the following colorways: Core Black- Infrared -Infrared, Core Black, Running White-Running White, Silver Metallic-Footwear White-Solar Red, Core Black-Energy Blue
  • The Adidas Copa Gloro weighs 9.25 ounces.


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