Who should buy the Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground

The Adidas Copa 17.2 features premium Taurus leather in the forefoot area, which offers a snug fit. It also ensures minimal water uptake. Just like the full-grain leather found in the durable Adidas Samba Classic, Taurus leather is also built to last. This may be one of the reasons you'd get this pair. Additionally, this could be a solid option for you if:

  • You're looking for a soccer cleat that features a flexible soleplate that moves comfortably along with the movement of the foot. Perfect design for an active player on the field.
  • You're a follower of the Copa Mundial and would want a  budget-friendly version.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground logo

Copa 17.2 FG's active outsole setup

The Adidas Copa 17.2 has a lightweight soleplate which is similar to that of the Adidas Gloro 16.1 model. It is flexible and follows the movement of the foot for optimal comfort and responsiveness.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground outsole

Adidas' stud structure

The stud pattern is the same as all the other Adidas cleats. There are four conical studs at the back, three on both sides at the front, and one in the middle.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground studs

 They provide enhanced traction and rotational stability, especially on firm grounds.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground studs bottom

Upper construction of Copa 17.1 Firm Ground

The full-grain calfskin leather in the forefoot area is a little bit thicker than kangaroo leather but comes pretty close where softness is concerned. It also stretches and follows the shape of the foot with continued use. The leather acts as a padding when shooting and dribbling the ball. It holds up in all weather conditions as well.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground upper

The Adidas Copa 17.2 also uses a synthetic leather-like material in the midfoot area. It provides a certain amount of stiffness that does not translate to a good overall feel of the ball.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground midfoot

The heel area has an internal counter and a good amount of padding for support. On the outside, it is covered by a mesh-based synthetic material that helps keep the soccer shoe retain its shape.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground heel

Stable lockdown system

This soccer cleat uses a straight up lacing system and a synthetic leather tongue. It has a memory foam that runs through the middle.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground lockdown

The insole, which is glued to the shoe from the midfoot forward, offers a good amount of underfoot cushion.

Adidas Copa 17.2 Firm Ground insole

Facts / Specs

Update: Adidas Copa 20.3 Firm Ground
Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas Copa
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: Blue / Black / Yellow / White / Red

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra
Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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