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7 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of users have marveled at how comfortable the Adidas Combat Speed 5 is during matches.
  • The durability of this pair of wrestling shoes has impressed a large number of owners who claimed that it lasted for years.
  • According to numerous wrestlers, the outsole has the right balance of traction and slide on mats.
  • Many users are pleased with the flexibility of the trainer.
  • The breathable upper is appreciated by plenty of wearers because it kept their feet cool.
  • A lot of athletes have praised the lightweight nature of the footwear because it made them more agile.
  • The footgear is deemed versatile by multiple folks who used it for wrestling, boxing, and weight training.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several people are dismayed with the ankle strap on the Adidas Combat Speed 5 because it is a bit short so it doesn’t fasten properly.
  • A few individuals who use it for wrestling and boxing noted that this wrestling shoe did not provide traction on the canvas ring.

Bottom line

Secure ankle lockdown and breathability are just two features you can expect from the Adidas Combat Speed 5. Moving out of tricky spots is made easy by the suede elements partnered with the flexible split-sole on this model. To top it all off, this footgear is lightweight, which adds to its appeal.

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Good to know

The Combat Speed 5 is the fifth iteration of this pair of Adidas wrestling shoes. The model was initially released in the ’70s but fell into obscurity as the years passed. Adidas did not stop making this line, but its popularity only returned with the release of the Combat Speed 4.

What sets the Combat Speed 5 apart from the previous iteration is that the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) overlays on the upper are more extensive. It was designed as such to provide better lateral support and rearfoot hold.

The outsole is still made of rubber. It features a tread pattern that supports multi-directional traction. As for the midsole, it uses a die-cut ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) wedge. The tapered element ensures that the heel is cushioned while the flexibility in the forefoot is not compromised.

Another model meant to provide adequate ankle support is the Asics Aggressor 4. It features overlays outside of the collar that forms a cuff-like structure that heightens the ankle hold. This wresting trainer also has an aggressive tread pattern that helps with traction and flexibility. The Aggressor 4 also features a Velcro lace garage that prevents the shoestrings from getting in the way.

Flexibility. The Adidas Combat Speed 5 utilizes a split sole construction. This fabrication keeps the weight of the shoe at a minimum. But the primary purpose of the segmented design is to keep the underside pliable to facilitate natural foot mechanics.

Traction. The rubber compound is concentrated under the heel and the forefoot sections.  The rubber helps wearers grip the mat when attacking and defending. As for the suede leather, it covers the middle and wraps the perimeter of the outsole. The material reduces the grip of the outsole so users can slide their feet to evade their opponents.

Cushioning. Inside the Adidas Combat Speed 5 is a die-cut EVA wedge. This piece of foam provides shock absorption at the heel. This element reduces the pressure felt by the heel during a defensive stance.

Stance. The presence of a wedge midsole allows the foot to be more flexible because the cushioning unit is focused on the heel. It retains the flexibility at the forefoot. The wedge also lifts the rearfoot, so the weight of the wearer is on the ball and the toes of the foot, making it easier to push or take down the opponent.

Breathability. The Adidas Combat Speed 5 utilizes a single layer of mesh for its upper. This thin fabric ensures that the interior is properly ventilated. The tongue is also wrapped in the same breathable material to help manage the temperature and moisture in the foot chamber.

Support. This pair of wrestling shoes from Adidas sports a high top silhouette. This construction ensures that the ankle is adequately supported when the laces are cinched. The TPU overlays reinforce some areas of the top, which include the hindfoot, midfoot, and the toes, to enhance its foothold.

Protection. Some wrestling moves like the leg rides and leg tilts can be brutal, especially on the shin. Thus, the high-top construction and long tongue of this model ensure that the shin is protected against abrasion during such contacts.

Lockdown. A vamp-to-leg lacing system keeps the foot securely inside the footwear. Wrestlers can loosen or tighten the laces to modify the ankle support it provides. A single hook-and-loop strap is placed at the ankle to amplify support. The Velcro also acts as a lace garage, so it doesn’t get in the way or becomes untied during matches.

Fit. The mesh fabric is crafted to fit like a sock. It is meant to deliver a snug yet comfortable foothold. It has adequate space at the toe box to allow for toe splaying without causing too much sliding of the foot.

  • Because of the usage of suede on the outsole, the Combat Speed 5 from Adidas is not recommended to be used outdoors.

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