Base model: Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Adidas Cloudfoam
Price: $80
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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Adidas’s Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars low-top sneaker does not have a bulky exterior. Those who are interested in this model and have narrow feet may try going true to size. This sneaker’s slim built and synthetic overlays on the side panels present a snug fit. Those with wide feet may want to go half a size larger than their regular size. This shoe is obtainable in men’s sizes ranging from 8 to 12.5 US and in medium width measurement.

The low-top Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars offers a blend of comfort and stability wrapped in a straightforward yet stylish cover made of mesh and synthetic materials. The contrasting shades available for this Star Wars edition allow users more room to experiment with different casual attire, such as a choice of tapered pants, joggers, and shorts paired with tees, polos, and long sleeves. The low ankle profile offers a fashionable look when worn without socks.

Two factors that pull this sneaker apart from other Star Wars sneaker models are accredited to its degree of comfort and overall design. The low-top Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars is a crowd-pleaser for its winning Cloudfoam feature, which takes the feet to the stars, leaving no trace of discomfort even after prolonged use.

The Star Wars elements on this low-top sneaker which are showcased in a creative display of colors such as black, gray, scarlet, and silver glow without being flamboyant. The Star Wars mask on the tongue is the sole indicator that it is a merchandise inspired by George Lucas’s saga.

The intergalactic movie franchise behind the hit film series Star Wars hooked up with Adidas to keep the force of such fictional universe alive in the hearts and minds of the combined die-hard movie and sneaker aficionados. It was said that when George Lucas’s Star Wars landed in the sneaker world, the Three Stripes benefitted significantly from it by producing desirable kicks under such theme over the years.

Just in 2016, the Three Stripes unveiled the low-top Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars in two colorways. One is in black and gray which almost typifies the rebel image of one of the lead characters in the movie, Darth Vader, known as a disciple of the dark side of the Force. The cover of this sneaker is in black with crimson detailing on the lining and rubber sole. The colored segments on the sole reflect Darth’s beaming weapon, the Lightsaber. 

The other version of the Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars low-top sneaker is available in core black, matte silver, and scarlet, which is nearly a representation of the Stormtroopers, the fictional soldiers in the story garbed in bright white gears.  

After instituting a solid groundwork in the athletic field as a sports shoe manufacturer, Adidas ventured into lifestyle wear and established itself as one of the authorities in this department.  In its pursuit to adhere to the demands of the fashioned-inclined consumers, it continues to create sneakers geared towards high-street fashion.

Thus, a new segment under Adidas was soon formed, called NEO which became a channel for the Three Stripes to introduce more trendy and fresh approaches suitable for urban and casual wear. After the NEO line was launched, new and crisp silhouettes were introduced by Adidas such as the Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer.

  • A dual layer footbed molds to the shape of the foot.
  • A slab of Cloudfoam that comprises the midsole of the low-top Adidas Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars is an innovative technology by Adidas which offers cushioning and stability to the foot.
  • Cloudfoam is lightweight and does not break easily.
  • Star Wars embroidery rests on the tongue.
  • Three-Stripes branding is welded seamlessly on the side panels of this Cloudfoam Super Racer Star Wars edition.
  • A heel tab and a pull tab offer ease to users when slipping in and out of this sneaker.
  • At the outer bottom of the shoe is a grid design that offers traction.
  • Avid Star Wars devotees have seen how the Three Stripes was caught by such fever with the release of the Adidas Superstar x Star Wars, the Adidas Yoda Superstar, and the Adidas x Star Wars Stan Smith 80s Mid Vader.
  • Other variants are the Adidas X Star Wars Storm Trooper, the Adidas x Star Wars Tubular Stormtrooper, the Adidas X Star Wars ZX Flux, and the Adidas x Star Wars Micropacer.