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Inspired by the classic terrace footwear, the Adidas Broomfield is another excellent sneaker that's deserving of anyone's collection. Reminiscent of '80s trainers, this retro kick comes enhanced with modern features for this day and age. For collectors of Adidas Originals looking for a vintage pair—one that gives a fresh look and tons of comfort—the Broomfield is it.


  • Mighty snug
  • Lasting components
  • Talk of the town
  • Classically attractive
  • Affordable
  • Fits nicely
  • Sticky


  • Unbonded insole

Who should buy the Adidas Broomfield

The Broomfield is a dressy kind of footwear with a distinctly classic look exclusive to Adidas kicks. It's the right footwear for you if:

  • You like wearing a pair of chinos or light-colored denim jeans.
  • Sneakers that hug feet in oozingly supple confines are what you need.
  • Your trove of casual kicks is missing an aesthetically laidback shoe.

Adidas Broomfield buy

Who should not buy it

If kicks with superb workmanship are what you're after, reach for the Adidas Superstar or Adidas Gazelle instead.

Adidas Broomfield comfortable

Adidas Broomfield: Steps in cloud nine

Buyers in droves applaud the Adidas Broomfield's extraordinary comfort.

Adidas Broomfield comf1

Premium parts

Like most Adidas sneakers, this shoe reflects its amazing design with its top-notch quality materials.

Adidas Broomfield materials

Talk of the town

A majority of reviewers highly recommend this model to their peers. They are proud of its combination of snappy engineering and street-specific performance.

Adidas Broomfield watercooler

The Broomfield's inclusive charm

Many sneakerheads are impressed with the Broomfield's timeless style. Some of them mentioned that this model looks great no matter the age of the wearer.

Adidas Broomfield class2

A budging footbed

Its default insole not being properly glued to the flooring of the shoe is a big disappointment to a very few.

Adidas Broomfield no2

Won't leave you penniless

Included in the Adidas cheap sneaker lineup, this model is considered a steal by numerous buyers.

Adidas Broomfield afford1

Magnetic underfoot

The Adidas Broomfield rides with its durable rubber outsole, which delivers exceptional traction on various surfaces.

Adidas Broomfield outsole

The Adidas Broomfield's cultural history

In 2017, for the Adidas Spring/Summer collection, the Adidas Camp showcased its extensive legacy in the athletic world and its established relationship with the British and Jamaican reggae culture. This collection created a line that uses military cuts and casual sportswear in muted tones.

Adidas Broomfield hist

Included in this collection is the terrace-inspired sneaker called the Adidas Broomfield. Two years later, the Three Stripes re-launched the Adidas Broomfield under the Adidas Originals' Spring 2019 collection.

Adidas Broomfield histob