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10 reasons to buy

  • Avid players find the Adidas Barricade Novak Pro more long-lasting than the other Adidas tennis shoes they’ve playtested.
  • As declared by many, it’s a very stable shoe, allowing aggressive foot movements on the court. 
  • A good number of die-hard supporters of the Barricade collection consider this a suitable replacement of the Barricade 7. 
  • Lots of Djokovic’s followers are chasing after this upgraded version due to its stylish design.
  • Numerous tennis players agree that it fits them perfectly. 
  • Its outsole remains as grippy as the previous models, according to many.
  • As revealed by several users, the side support is exceptional. 
  • Quite a lot deem this footgear as one of the comfiest tennis shoes in the market that entails minimal break-in period.  
  • A reasonable sum of wearers declares that the heel cup grips the back of the foot comfortably well. 
  • Most of the highly-satisfied buyers agree that the Barricade Novak Pro is well worth the money.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a lot of users find that this version feels heavier than the Barricade 7.
  • Few buyers have noticed that the plastic casing doesn’t promote sufficient airflow.
  • As cited by less than a handful of purchasers, moisture tends to get locked inside during hours of play.

Bottom line

Stability, durability, comfort, quality, support, and grip all in one stylish package sum up the benefits and advantages of the Adidas Barricade Novak Pro. Though this signature shoe of Serbian player Novak Djokovic gets scores of praises, it weighs significantly more than most Adidas tennis footgear.

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Good to know

Adidas merges two legends, its much-loved Barricade 7 and tennis marvel Novak Djokovic, into one by dropping the Barricade Novak Pro. This modified version continues to live up to the Barricade’s desirability, but this time bearing Djokovic’s emblems all over the shoe. 

Like the Barricade 7, Novak’s shoe is supportive, having built with a forefoot and rearfoot cushioning for improved propulsion and support. 

On the flipside, the rubber outsole provides an apparently outstanding blend of durability and traction with an outrigger that promotes stability. 

Though this newer profile is slightly more massive than the Barricade 7, it is meant to deliver increased stability, countering unwanted spins while promoting smooth lateral movements. 

Rubber quality. Ready for hard court pounding, the outsole of the Adidas Novak Pro is devised with the Adiwear 6 rubber compound. This type of the high-wear foot base lasts for a comparatively more extended period than the Adiwear outsole typically found in Adidas speed tennis shoes

Tread design. The Barricade 7 Novak Pro is made with a modified herringbone tread pattern for multi-surface traction.  It also features two pivot points under the ball of the foot that allow players to be in control during rotational moves and lunges. 

Steady bracing. The outrigger, a protruded portion that makes the base broader, works as a brace for the feet when doing lateral cuts. 

Replacement guarantee. This shoe carries an outsole warranty label granting users a one-time replacement opportunity if the outsole sustains a significant amount of damage within six months from the time of purchase.

Support. Tennis involves lots of twisting, rotations, and abrupt directional changes, which is why players rely on their footgear for support. Chassis arrangements like the Torsion System prevent the foot from unwanted turn or spin. This tiny wonder intends to keep the heel locked in place while granting flexibility to the forefoot. 

Cushioning. Constant grinding on the court can lead to foot pain, but cushioning minimizes this effect. The Adiprene unit embedded under the heel protects the back of the foot from impact. At the forefoot, the Adiprene + provides a responsive feel, especially when chasing after the ball. 

Wrapping. Covering this shoe is a seamless synthetic upper with toe and midfoot perforations for breathability. 

Support. To further strengthen the upper, an Adituff shield is wrapped at the front, while a thermoplastic cup is placed on the rear side. The former bolsters the shoe from immediate wear, while the latter provides firmness as players go thrusting back and forth the court. 

Comfort. Inside the shoe, is a molded EVA insole that grants an anatomical degree of comfort.

  • Novak’s face on the tongue is reminiscent of the mug shot on the classic Adidas Stan Smith.
  • The dove on the medial side represents peace and freedom, pointing to Serbia, Novak’s home nation. 
  • Mt. Kopaonik, where Novak met his first tennis coach, is the inspiration behind the mountain image printed on the insole.
  • In 2012, Andy Murray displayed a proverbial battle with Novak Djokovic at the US Open clad in Adidas Barricade 7. Djokovic may have lost such game, but his name is indelibly linked to the Barricade 7.