Size and fit

The Adidas Arkyn is available exclusively in women's sizing. For men to enjoy its comfort and snug fit, they are advised to grab a 1.5 size up than their regular shoe size. For example, if their usual shoe measurement in men's sizing is 8, they must get size 9.5 in women's for a secure and cozy fit. 

The Arkyn has a sock-like construction with a lace-up fastening system aided by the TPU or suede overlay for added support and the best possible lockdown fit. Meanwhile, the brand added the heel pull tab to help its wearers in putting on this pair. The brand also used the Boost midsole to deliver responsive cushioning to its wearers.

Adidas Arkyn Style

The low-top Adidas Arkyn displays a unique and futuristic design that has never been seen before. It has a contemporary streetwear design inspired by heritage running profile. This sock-like construction has a slim and stretchy build with an unlined mesh upper and soft collar for breathability and comfort. Meanwhile, the suede or neoprene heel and TPU overlays boost the sporty look with superb comfort for all-day use.

This modern kick displays sporty yet versatility that can easily match with any laidback getup. Some ladies opt to sport this with shorts, skinny or baggy jeans, and even with a summer dress. Few can also be seen sporting this with their joggers, hoodies, and caps for a running-ready look.

Notable Features

The unorthodox lacing system of the Adidas Arkyn delivers a praiseworthy element to the overall look of this kick. This modern, unique lacing style features rope-like lace laced through three eyelets with the middle touching down its midsole. The TPU or suede overlays work as eyelets further enhance the support and wrap the foot snugly while delivering a minimal-futuristic look.

Another striking feature is the oversized label found on the tongue of the Arkyn. This element is made of premium leather that features the origins of Adidas by the prints written in German.

Adidas Arkyn History

In the middle of the 90s, Adidas divided the brand into three groups that focus on different aspects. Adidas Performance fixated on delivering products specific to the athletes. Meanwhile, Adidas Style Essentials is focused on providing merchandise that targets the fashion market. And the last group is the Adidas Originals which is concentrated on the heritage designs that remain vital in the current market.

Adidas Originals, aiming to deliver a distinct retro old school feel, unveiled fashionable products with a strong representation of the products launched in the 1940s to 1980s. The Trefoil logo was initially used to represent all the Adidas products until the brand decided in 1997 that the Adidas Originals would only use this logo to serve its line.

As it deals in lifestyle vintage profile, this sub-branch has commenced various iterations that echoed the vintage features from the library of Adidas. The Three Stripes deemed that for the brand to be able to move forward successfully, it must first recollect its past - from its humble, colorful beginnings to a globally leading brand of footwear. The latest iteration from the Originals was unveiled in April 2018 and called the Arkyn.

This women-exclusive shoe was taken a cue from some features in the Adidas archive that were fused with the ultra-modern details to deliver a new discourse in the female streetwear perspective. The end product is footwear with enhanced aesthetics that greatly represents the bold mixture of style, culture, sports, and creativity of Adidas.

The Adidas Arkyn showcases sock-like construction with technical mesh upper and tongue dressed with the 3-Stripe mark. This shoe boasts its Boost technology which delivers superb comfort and fit. The brand launched the Arkyn as a trainer for "creating, working, thinking, inspiring, and collaborating in."

The introduction of the Adidas Arkyn involved five women who embody new-school thinking -Kendall Jenner (social media influencer), Florencia Galarza (soccer player), Ana Kras (Serbian artist), Marisa Cometello (Meta Flora founder), and Syv De Blare (musician). These five Arkyn icons come from various walks of life that have mastered their disciplines.

Additional Info

  • This shoe has plush Boost foam cushioning to deliver responsive padding. Boost cushioning technology uses compressed Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for improved shock absorption capacity and immediately bounces back to its original shape. This kind of material delivers a high energy return for more consistent strides.
  • The thick stretch web rubber outsole offers durability suitable for all-day, everyday wear.
  • The Adidas Arkyn has the "No rule. No Instructions. No Hype." campaign which reiterates the importance of using creativity to the fullest.
  • The images of the five women endorsers of the Arkyn were shot in their real living and working spaces to accentuate personal connection and allows the photographer to capture the women in their most natural manner possible.


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