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5 reasons to buy

  • A new mesh technology is used for the upper unit and it’s sure to be comfortable and flexible.
  • Runners generally welcomed the comfortable nature of the inner textile, which kept their feet free from irritation.
  • The multipurpose design of the Adidas AlphaBounce allows runners to wear it for many activities, even sports.
  • This shoe features a reasonable price, in light of its high-quality construction.
  • The appealing color schemes that are available for this model were lauded by the testers.

1 reason not to buy

  • A few runners noticed that it didn’t have much ankle support, which could lead to discomfort during longer runs.

Bottom line

Adidas AlphaBounce is a solid choice when it comes to running and casual walking. It’s a neutral running shoe that could function well even when it comes to sports. It brings reliable cushioning that’s springy and flexible. Even the upper is flexible and soft, yet it is able to cover the foot securely.

It is the base model of the acclaimed Alphabounce series.

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Our reviews

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When I first bought these shoes, I bought them entirely on their looks. However, after wearing this pair of shoes for an entire year, I realised that it offers so much more.


At first look of this shoe, you will notice the aggressive lines and ridges that appear throughout both the upper and the midsole. These give the shoe a fast feeling appropriate for runners. I love it!



It is also available in a massive variety of colorways, some extremely different from others.


The upper is made up of an engineered mesh (EM), which is very comfortable. It is also flexible but, do not expect a Primeknit.


This model is much cheaper than Primeknit shoes such as Ultraboost. However, it still offers high-quality material.

There are perforated sections around high heat areas like the toe box and near the arch of the foot. These sections have large holes.

It also contains another material underneath so the shoe can work in any weather conditions.


In the midsole, Adidas offers their bounce cushioning. This cushioning is very comfortable and provides stability at the same time.

You will feel the responsiveness even though it is not as responsive as Boost. In some ways, I see this as a positive.



Personally, when in need of instant responsiveness for fast movements, sprints, or sudden changes in direction, I would favour Bounce as it offers instant feedback.

Whenever you are moving, you can feel the comfort of the midsole, whether it is during casual use or running.


Adidas use their own outsole and not a continental one for these Alphabounces. They have circles containing smaller dots for more grip.



After using this pair for a year, those small dots have worn out in high traffic areas. These areas are those near the heel and in the forefoot.

However, unless you are using these on a court-type surface, it should not affect your running. Although, I would be more careful using it in the rain.


These shoes are really easy to put on/take off. I use the pull tabs to put them on, and they feel secure and have suffered no damage.

The upper is very comfortable, and you could wear these shoes without socks if you want. The midsole is very comfortable.



I often wear these as casual shoes, and I encountered no problems. On the inside of the shoe, you can see two visible rectangles, one on either side, which contain added cushioning for the ankles.


The ridges along both sides of the upper provide a structure and increase the stability of the shoe. The shoe has a durable knit so your foot will never slide off the midsole.

The heel cup provides a secure fit at the back of the heel. However, it could do with some more support on the sides of the ankles.

The midsole is responsive and will support your feet. I often wear these shoes with fairly relaxed lacing. But, these can be further tightened up to offer a very supportive and tight fit.

Additional features

The shoe features Adidas branding throughout. Adidas logo can be found on the outsole, near the ankle, and on the pull tab. 

Adidas also branded the Alphabounce on the heel cuff, inside of the pull tab, and on the insole. Adidas used an ambigram for the word 'Bounce.' Thus, it can be read upside down and still looks the same.




I thought this was really cool yet so simple. On my specific pair, sections of the laces were reflective. 




The pull tabs on the heel also have reflectors.


I’d give these shoes a score of 91/100. These offer comfort and durability all over the shoes, except for the outsole. I prefer a thicker outsole or a continental one.

These shoes can go through most weather, and my feet have only gotten wet in extreme rain for longer periods. These can be worn casually or in runs and even in most sports.

I suggest going true to size for these shoes.


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I have started running to improve on cardio with the hopes of advancing my performance at my first hobby, mixed martial arts. I run around 12 miles a week on road. Eventually, I have developed my love for running shoes. Adidas has been my favourite so far, but I would love to expand my running shoe experience.

Good to know

  • Running may be the main purpose of the Adidas AlphaBounce, but this versatile running shoe is able to function well, even as part of a casual attire and a unit of a sports gear. High-quality materials and a well-thought design drive this shoe to become a formidable force in the realm of health, fitness, and performance on the road.
  • The seamless construction of the upper unit makes this shoe very comfortable and agreeable to the foot, making it suitable for daily runs. The inner lining features a soft fabric that feels like a sock when the foot is inside the shoe. The FORGEDMESH is a mesh material that is flexible and able to accommodate the natural shape of the wearer’s foot. It can expand so that the interior environment won’t feel tight or limiting.
  • The mid-sole unit of the Adidas AlphaBounce does away with the conventional foam unit that is regularly used in most running shoes on the market. Instead, a bouncy material that runs its entire length is utilized, making sure that the whole underside of the foot is well-supported. Flexibility and full natural movement are key aspects of the mid-sole, and it gives them to the wearer.
  • The Adidas AlphaBounce has been created to have a multipurpose nature. For that, it needs an outsole unit that’s durable and versatile. It needs to withstand asphalt, surfaces that are smooth or moderately rough. The flexible, but sturdy rubber found in the external layer is sure to deliver protection and traction.

The ADIWEAR® is a very durable rubber material that’s non-marking. It is highly resistant to abrasion and wear, making sure that the rest of the sole unit is safe from abrasion during the running sessions. It’s flexible, so the natural movement of the foot isn’t impeded.

The BOUNCE™ is a responsive material that is springier and more responsive than the standard foam compounds used in most shoes on the market. Structured elements cause the platform to stretch when pressure is applied to them, and then spring back into place when pressure is removed. Essentially, this mid-sole pops the foot forward with every step.

The FORGEDMESH is a new technology for the upper unit of the AlphaBounce from Adidas. This mesh material allows the foot to go through its natural range of motion without feeling any restrictions. It is able to expand, accommodating the entire shape of the foot to feel snug and secure.

The inner lining is made of smooth textiles with adequate padding. They do not irritate the skin, making it possible to wear the shoe even without socks.

A pull-tab in the heel section allows the runner to wear or take off the shoe easily. It’s a helpful way to facilitate entry and exit of the foot.


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