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6 reasons to buy

  • Ultra-light: A lot of the buyers admire the lightweight construction of the Adidas Adizero X Anniversary. 
  • Durable: Several customers claim that the football cleat is still in good shape after several uses. 
  • Supportive: Reviewers commend the stable ride delivered by the shoe. 
  • Traction-ready: According to numerous commenters, the platform enables a surefooted grip. 
  • Speed-enhancing: Maximum propulsion is supplied by this Adidas spike, shared a couple of wearers. 
  • Stylish: Multiple athletes praise the eye-catching exterior of the Adizero football cleat.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Too tight: Some of the users find the cleat's toe room constricting. 
  • Abrasive: A number of critics state that the platform caused some scratches and cuts on their foot. 
  • Slippery: Various purchasers have reported that the Adizero X Anniversary causes unwanted dislodgement, especially on the heel.

Bottom line

Celebrating its tenth year of being the lightest American football cleat from Adidas, the Adizero X Anniversary continues its hallmark of featherlight, high-strength qualities. Sporting the brand's celebrated SprintFrame technology coupled with the Sprintstuds, the athlete's swift movements are powered. If you want a reliable and performance-centric cleat without breaking the bank, the Adidas Adizero X Anniversary is an excellent and fashion-forward alternative.

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Adidas Adizero X Anniversary: Speed in style

A spin-off model of the Adizero 9.0, the Adizero X Anniversary is another addition to Adidas’ long list of low-top designs and molded football cleats. Because of its composition, the athletic footwear is engineered to optimize not only a dressy exterior but also featherlight bulk and swiftness on the field.

Who is it for? Because it utilizes molded studs, it is suitable for beginners just as it’s ideal for professional athletes who serve as running backs, defensive backs, and receivers. 

The highlights

A signature from all of Adidas’ football cleats, the Adizero X Anniversary fills in the gap between fashion and function. To do so, here are some of the noteworthy components of the spike: 

  • SprintFrame. It creates a low-to-the-ground feel for better surface control while enhancing support. 
  • Sprintstuds. Working hand in hand with the SprintFrame plate of the football shoe, these spikes dig into the ground for stability and propulsion. 
  • Speed Spat. It is responsible for pushing the midfoot further into the midsole for lockdown.


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