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The Adizero Takumi Sen 8 from Adidas is a new breed of super shoe that mixes all the up-to-date technologies in a lightweight package. Unlike other elite racers on the market, it doesn't have a towering stack. But what's groundbreaking about it is it's nothing less in speed. For only $180, experts can't help but agree that it's a steal. It's fast and it's ready to set records from 5Ks up to a marathon.


  • Swift
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Glove-like wrap
  • Impressive heel hold
  • Sticky traction
  • Breathable


  • Unstable during slow runs
  • Not for wide feet
  • Laces are hard to tie

Who should buy the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8

The Takumi Sen 8 is a lightweight racing flat that's a great value shoe for:

  • road racers who run 5Ks to half-marathons
  • efficient runners who want to tackle a full marathon
  • athletes who want a race shoe that can double as a speed trainer

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 adidas

Who should NOT buy it

Skip the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 if you want to buy an easy-day running shoe. For slow runs, many find it "unstable." 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 takumi sen 8

If you want to take it easy on your feet, take a look at these daily trainers instead. Some of the surefire options from Adidas would be the Ultraboosts or the Alphabounce+. Alternatively, the Ghost 14 from Brooks also ranks high for the easy daily runs.

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 vs. 7

The Adizero Takumi Sen on its 8th edition features a major overhaul from top to bottom. It is completely redesigned to say goodbye to its traditional racing roots and hello to super-shoe updates. 

  • The Takumi Sen 8's Lightsrike Pro offers a fun ride and high-energy returns. 
  • The Energy Rods placed in the forefoot are more flexible, and it results in a snappy yet forgiving ride.
  • Apart from breathability, the updated upper also delivers that race-day fit — snug from the rear to the midfoot and roomy in the forefoot. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 cushion

Lightning fast

"Quick," "fast," "aggressive," and "nimble" — This is how experts find the Takumi Sen 8. They even say it's just as swift as the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 ride

The Energy Rods at the forefoot give some pop during the toe-off phase. The Lightstrike Pro amps up energy return, and this results in a propulsive and lively ride.

Stable and forgiving

Imagine the Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 but with less stack. That's the Takumi Sen 8. But despite this, it doesn't trade comfort for speed, making it an "all-time favorite" among runners. 

It protects the foot, and it's not rigid. It's flexible and agile; testers don't mind taking it on a full marathon. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 stability

And when it comes to stability, the upper does a handsome job keeping the foot in place, while the outsole is grippy AF. 

The Takumi Sen 8 is home to the feet

The Energy Rods are less stiffer than carbon-fiber plates, so the shoe is less intrusive. It also has some flexibility, hence, the foot moves freely. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 toe box

It disappears on foot

At 6.8 oz. (US M 9), it's practically weightless. 

Racer fit

According to reviewers, the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 is a "reminder" that racing shoes should fit snug. They even compare it to football cleats

From the heel to the midfoot, it fits like a glove. Up front, it has enough space for foot swelling. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 lockdown

As far as elite racing shoes are concerned, the Takumi Sen achieves what the renowned Metaspeed Sky and Nike Vaporfly NEXT% 2 failed to do. It does NOT have any weakness when it comes to fit. 

Bye, heel slips! 

There's some padding and overlay on the heel, and they maintain a secure wrap around the heel while keeping the weight down. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 heel lock

With these elements, the majority are happy to report they have not experienced any slips. 

The Adizero Takumi Sen 8 glues you to the ground

"Next level." 

For a road racer, it goes above and beyond. The Takumi Sen 8's Continental outsole bites the ground so well, taking sharp turns is a "dream" to runners, regardless of speed. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 grip

Ready for the heat

Even under 85º F, the shoe remains cool. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 forefoot upper

Don't slow down

There's no doubt about it. The Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 is speedy. At slow paces, it becomes unstable, shared various critics.

An upper that doesn't have any give

"All or nothing" is how experts describe the Takumi Sen 8's upper. It has little to no stretch; those with wide feet suffer from the tight midfoot. 

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 midfoot

Laces: It's hard to get it right

The shoe's lacing system does a great job of locking the foot in. But the many eyelets and thin laces make it a challenge to dial in.

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 laces