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7 reasons to buy

  • People are pleased with the Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5’s lightweight structure.
  • Several users said that this running shoe is responsive. 
  • Many runners claimed that the shoe offers excellent traction on all surfaces. 
  • This running partner is comfortable, based on reviews. 
  • A few purchasers testified that it is ideal for racing. 
  • The shoe is breathable, according to several commenters. 
  • A couple of consumers appreciated the shoe’s flexibility.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers reported that the outsole of the Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 is not durable. 
  • One tester complained that the sole is a bit firm. 
  • A handful of reviewers said that it is expensive.

Bottom line

The Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 is a neutral running shoe, which is designed for runners who are looking for a comfortable, flexible, and versatile running companion. This lightweight running shoe aims to provide lasting comfort and maximum traction for a fast and efficient ride. It is suitable for fast runs, race walking, sprints, and other activities.

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Our reviews

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In current shoe designs, we’ve seen the addition of a thick midsole and carbon fibre plates. Made by the legendary shoemaker Omori, the Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 provides a step back into the past principles of Japanese running shoes, with the addition of some modern flares.


The upper

The mesh upper of the Takume-Sen5 is simple yet lightweight and breathable. The fit is snug, and I would say it would fit great for most people.

Breathability wise, it’s great. You can see parts of the inside of the shoe from the small holes within the upper.

The tongue of the shoe is stitched with the upper giving the upper a secure lockdown and preventing the tongue of the shoe from moving around too much.

Meanwhile, there are not many cons. The only cons I found were with the tongue, which tends to scrunch up slightly—but this is nit-picky stuff.


The midsole is incredibly responsive, firm, and flexible. It is perfect for people who enjoy the feel of minimalist racers.

Most Adidas racers nowadays, including the Adios 4 and Boston 8 have a lot of Boost in them. And, while the Takumi-Sen does have a little Boost, it is only limited to the forefoot and combined with EVA, which keeps the shoe even more responsive than the Adios 4.

Nevertheless, some people may not enjoy the firm nature of the Takumi Sen, even if you’ve run in shoes like the Adios


The outsole contains little nubs with the toe and heel having a little bit of continental rubber. Overall, the grip is insane on roads, and even better on track.

The nubs provide track spike like traction while having the versatility of going on the roads and providing excellent traction there, too.



As for the cons, although I haven’t faced this myself (as I’m mostly grass and track runner), the durability of the Takumi-Sen 5 differ based on location in which you train/race in this shoe.

Road running seems to demolish the durability in these shoes, so while they provide excellent grip, you may not be able to make them last a long time

Overall package

Overall, it is incredibly lightweight. Weighing only 170g, the Takumi-Sens are bordering the weight of track spikes, while still providing a little bit of underfoot protection for the roads.

The firm and responsive ride allow for a quick turnover and a good feel of the ground. Meanwhile, the upper provides great lockdown and breathability.

On the contrary the shoe’s firmness is its biggest drawback if you haven’t been used to running in minimalist racers.

The only other problem is with its durability on roads lasting as little as 110km for some while lasting up to 800km with others.

So what should I use the shoe for?

This shoe is great for 3k up to 10k. I’ve heard some runners who have gone out to the marathon in these shoes. However, due to its firm nature, most could not.

This shoe is great for any track runners who do not enjoy spikes or are a little too slow to gain benefits from wearing spikes.

However, this does not stop elites from using them. I’ve seen a lot of professional Ekiden runners in these shoes. This shoe can also be used by a casual runner who just wants to be a little faster.



Overall the Takumi-Sen 5 is a great racing option from Adidas. It keeps in mind the Japanese way of running by staying versatile enough to go on almost all surfaces and most distances in a lightweight and responsive package.

If you are looking for a great minimalist racer for track distances, I highly recommend the Adidas Takumi-Sen 5.

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I’ve been running for 5 years, and I run anywhere from 30-50 miles a week. I compete in cross country 5ks, as well as the 1600 and 3200 in track season. I’ve also competed in 10k and half marathon road races. My favorite brand is New Balance, as I’ve been wearing their shoes for a long time.

Good to know

Featuring a lightweight and flexible platform, the Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 is ideal for training on the track. This road running shoe is created by master Japanese shoemaker Omori. It features an updated upper design for improved fit and breathability. 

This Adidas running shoe utilizes a mesh top with stitched-in reinforcement for added support. The mesh allows for continuous airflow to keep the foot dry and cool for an extended period. This material also delivers flexibility and durability. 

The Adidas’ signature Boost cushioning and the Continental™ rubber outsole are integrated into the shoe for a smooth and flexible ride.

The Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 is a unisex running shoe. Thus, it can be worn by both men and women. Women are advised to get a 1.5 size down from their usual sizing preferences. However, it is recommended to fit the shoe in-store before making a purchase decision for a pleasant wearing experience. 

The technical components that affect the fit of the shoe include the upper construction that provides a locked-in feel for faster runs. 0ther elements are the shoelaces and removable insole, which provide a snug and customized in-shoe feel.

For exceptional traction in wet and dry conditions, the Continental™ rubber outsole is incorporated into the Adizero Takumi-Sen 5. This element provides exceptional durability and protection against the elements. The Continental™ rubber outsole is also featured in the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 7

The Quickstrike outsole is also used to ensures a smooth and flexible motion, giving adequate support for high-speed running. The Quickstrike rubber nubs enhance the shoe’s grip and cushioning performance.

Boost midsole technology is embedded into the Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5. This element is responsible for providing a light and responsive ride. The Boost is created from a foam compound that features hundreds of visible energy capsules, which offers excellent energy return from heel strike through the toe-off phase. 

This running shoe also comes with a removable insole. This material offers added cushioning and underfoot protection.

Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 5 utilizes a breathable mesh material with stitched-in reinforcement that offers targetted support. The quick-drying mesh fabric keeps the foot dry and cool throughout the day. It also allows for flexibility and protects the top of the foot from the elements. 

A slightly padded collar and tongue are integrated into the shoe for added support. The heel collar keeps the foot in place during movement. While the tongue provides added comfort and prevents the small rocks and debris from getting inside the shoe. 

This running companion uses the traditional lacing system to ensure a secure and personalized fit every time.


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