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Use - The Adidas Adizero LJ is designed for jumpers and vaulters looking for maximum flexion and support. This track shoe helps the athlete through the run-up phase up to the takeoff in their respective events.

Spike Type - Seven pyramid spikes are used in the shoe's spike plate. The ¼ inch Pyramid spikes are ideal in providing a good grip for an event such as the long jump. These types of spikes are also known to have good durability, which helps extend the shoe's lifespan.

Spike Plate - This Adidas track shoe employs the Pebax Spike Plate which adds flexibility to the shoe. This allows the athlete to handle the build-up of the approach run.

The Adidas Adizero LJ features a breathable dual mesh upper material that allows air to permeate within the shoe. It creates a more relaxed, drier more comfortable environment for the wearer's foot.

The also uses the innovative Coolever mesh and lining, which wicks sweat away from the surface of the skin.

Working with the Coolever mesh lining is the Synthetic overlay. It protects and holds the foot during the critical takeoff stage.

Lastly, the Adizero LJ incorporates the Sharkskin into its outsole. This offers an uncompromisable grip and reduces weight at the same time, allowing for a more aggressive approach into the pit.

The Adidas Adizero LJ is a unisex track shoe that follows men's sizing. Women should be able to get the right fitting shoe size by going down 1.5 sizes from their usual measurements. As also suggested by most user reviews online. Although indicated as such, it is still best to visit one's local track running specialty store to get an accurate fitting.

Underneath the Adidas Adizero LJ is the Pebax Spike Plate. It has been added to the shoe’s outsole for added flexibility. It also allows the athlete to handle the build-up of the approach run, which is necessary for the needs of the athlete for events such as the long jump and pole vault. The Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 possesses the same outsole feature.

The outsole also features the Sharkskin on top of the Pebax spike plate. This brings with it an efficient grip that can take on greasy or wet runways. The Sharkskin also helps in reducing the total weight of the shoes for more significant improvement with speed and control.

Adidas has incorporated the molded EVA to Adizero LJ's midsole. It provides the needed cushioning required by jumpers throughout competitions and training. The EVA's cushioning compound helps reduce the shock impact on the athlete's metatarsal heads and surrounding muscles. It also offers essential protection and support to the underfoot.

The Adidas Adizero LJ's upper is made with a breathable dual mesh that helps the air permeate the interior of the shoe for better ventilation and support to the foot. It also regulates the temperature inside the shoe, keeping the wearer's feet cool and healthy.

The shoe's upper also has synthetic overlays that are located at the forefoot and across the toe box. This helps in protecting and holding the foot during the critical takeoff stage and also provide a balanced jump. It also gives the feeling of an all-round secure fit, particularly when hitting the board or during taking off.

In the Adizero LJ’s interior, a Coolever mesh lining features a clover-shaped yarn to manage heat and sweat, reducing discomfort and increasing performance.


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