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Use - The Adidas Adizero Cadence is perfect for long-distance running meets. These competitions can range from 5000 meters all the way up to 10000 meters.

Spike Type - Affixed to the spike plate of the distance shoe are pyramid spike pins. These are ¼ inch in length for optimal surface grip. These are also fashioned to be detachable to deliver versatile traction. 

Spike Plate - Similar to the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2, a Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. It has a good balance of both rigidity and lightness for propulsion. It houses the changeable spikes of the track shoe for a multi-surface grip.

The componentry of the Adidas Adizero Cadence is engineered to deliver speed and durability. To enable this, the track shoe is furnished with a Pebax® plate. It has a six-well style for versatile traction. 

An air mesh upper is also incorporated into the track running spike’s design. This upper material envelopes the foot for heightened security.

For plush, in-shoe comfort, an EVA foam is embedded on the midsole. This technical element enforces durability and rebound.

The Adidas Adizero Cadence is only offered in men’s sizing scale. It is configured using the standard width, thus women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference.

The fit of the Adizero Cadence is influenced by its air mesh upper—responsible for its sock-like fit. For added support, an EVA midsole is introduced on the heel and forefoot of the platform.

Boasting a good blend of durability and flexibility, a Pebax® plate is equipped to the outsole. It is a distance plate that’s made of a thermoplastic polymer. Its makeup yields rigidity and lightness for a propulsive running performance. It also attenuates shock during impact and serves as the running spike's underfoot cushioning. Because of its composition, the plate offers a steady push-off.

Located at the heel and forefoot is an EVA midsole that comprises the foot chamber of the track spike. This midsole material is known for delivering shock mitigation and comfort. It is also responsible for supplying the responsiveness of the running platform. Its engineering also poses for durability, allowing it to withstand natural wear and tear.

Constituting the upper of the Adizero Cadence is the air mesh. This has foot-conforming attributes for a glove-like wrap. Moreover, this upper material has a strategic placement of perforations, serving as the airflow system of the track shoe. The air mesh upper also coheres to the lightness of the distance shoe. 

For added comfort, the upper also exhibits a non-slip lining. It also helps heighten the in-shoe support for improved performance.

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