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5 reasons to buy

  • Propulsion: A good number of runners like the energetic and snappy ride provided by the heel plate and forefoot rods. The shoe pushes them to go faster.
  • Cushioning: Many reviewers praise the Lightstrike Pro foam for giving plenty of underfoot protection with the right level of firmness.
  • Upper: The ultra-thin upper receives many compliments for lightness and breathability. It’s not felt on the foot and yet provides a solid hold with enough toe room.
  • Stability: The Adios Pro feels more stable compared to most ‘super shoes’.
  • Traction: Those who tested the shoe in wet conditions good on wet roads attest to its grip.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Outsole durability: Being a race-day oriented shoe, the Adios Pro already shows wear after 50 miles, according to some reviewers.
  • Lacks pop: More than a few athletes think that the Lightstrike Pro falls behind Nike ZoomX’s responsiveness and comfort.
  • Blisters: Several users warn about the rubbing heel cup which gave them blood blisters.

Bottom line

The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro is a long-awaited response from the brand to Nike’s elite racers. Although it hasn’t overthrown the current king of super shoes, it proves to be a solid race-day competitor that also comes at a more affordable price.

Perfect for long runs from 10K and up, the Adios Pro offers generous cushioning and that ‘carbon push’ forward. It helps to maintain a fast pace and is not your easy-day trainer. 

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Adidas Adizero Adios Pro: A record-breaking running shoe

Together with world-class athletes, Joyciline Jepkosgei and Rhonex Kipruto, Adidas have co-created their answer to Nike’s Vaporfly Next%, the Adizero Adios Pro.

Designed to be the fastest running shoe from the brand, the Adizero Adios Pro is here to deliver speed while breaking racing records along the way:

  • The Adizero Adios Pro was on the feet of Kibiwott Kandie (Kenya) when he broke the world record at the Valencia Half Marathon on Dec 6, 2020. His time was 57:32, which is 29 seconds faster than the previous record.

Paving the way with new shoe technologies 

The Adizero Adios Pro packs new shoe technologies that make it lightweight and have a higher level of cushioning compared to regular racing shoes.

EnergyRods. The Adios Pro is the first-ever running shoe from Adidas to feature EnergyRods. It is a game-changer in midfoot support. EnergyRods are carbon-infused rods that mimic the movement of the metatarsals (part of the midfoot bones that connect the ankle to the toes), which helps in reducing the physical impact on the body.

Lightstrike PRO. The Lightstrike PRO is also introduced in the Adios Pro. It is an ultra-lightweight foam that stores and provides better energy return compared to the Adidas Boost technology. And for a more stable ride, a carbon-fiber plate in the heel complements the Lightstrike PRO by providing additional stability for a smoother run.

Celermesh. Not new to Adidas shoes, but still a remarkable addition to the Adios Pro is the Celemesh. Previously seen on the Ultraboost PB, this thin yet sturdy upper material has been tweaked to provide enhanced comfort.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro vs. Adidas Adizero Pro

It's very easy to confuse the two not only because of the name but also due to the identical uppers and the presence of carbon plates. But here is what makes the two different at the core:

Adizero Adios Pro:

  • better for long runs: 10K and up
  • higher stack (39/31.5 mm)
  • lighter (8 oz/227 g)
  • more cushioning
  • more propulsion

Adizero Pro:

  • better for mid-distance: 10K to half-marathon
  • lower stack (32/22 mm)
  • heavier (8.3 oz/235 g)
  • firmer ride


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