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6 reasons to buy

  • Based on the overwhelming amount of reviews, comfortable is an adjective that is used often in reference to the Adipower S Boost 3. 
  • A high number of testers are surprised that for a spikeless shoe, it delivers excellent traction that becomes useful for both walking and taking a swing. 
  • Numerous players note that the Boost is the best thing that happened to this footwear. It helps with knee pain because of its shock-absorbing qualities. 
  • Several find this purchase justifiable as the quality exceeds expectations. 
  • Some, including those skeptical of the mesh upper, say that it manages to keep the feet dry despite heavy rains.
  • The Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 is lighter than most traditional golf shoes according to various consumers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The use of two different materials on the outsole affects the look of the shoe over time. One stays clean while the other harbours dirt and turns yellow.
  • A couple of wearers question the durability of the trainer after experiencing creasing and holes after only several games. 
  • Some of the wearers wish that the upper be waterproof so that it can transition through different seasons.

Bottom line

Like its dedication to making its athlete’s performance be the best, the Three Stripes shows no signs of stopping. Those familiar with the previous version of the shoe certainly notice the difference and have not been disappointed. First-time wearers find it as a revelation that wearing it on different types of conditions is feasible. Overall, the Adipower S Boost 3 has become a well-loved pair for many golf enthusiasts.

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Good to know

Rooting from the Adipower Sport Boost, the power to perform is what the Adipower S Boost 3 is all about. The Boost continues to garner attention as this responsive cushioning system comes in useful from the first tee off until the 19th hole. But its combination with two other foam midsoles upgrades its comfort to the maximum.

Part of the challenge of playing golf is the different types of terrains the players need to overcome.The shoe is infused with Puremotion outsole and Adiwear traction. Through these technologies, grip, performance, and stability are all achieved.

Three is not a crowd. The number 3 on the shoe name not only connotes to an upgrade, but it also makes use of three foam technologies — the Boost, the Bounce, and the Fitfoam.  

Boost. Because of its ubiquity, it seems that this tech needs no introduction. Utilized in different performance and casual shoes such as basketball, running, and sneakers, the movement of golf can benefit from the ultra-responsive cushion.

Bounce. This power-transferring component works in tandem with the Boost as it enhances comfort and stability. 

Fitfoam. The Fitfoam PU sockliner is a foam material that adopts the foot shape of the wearer. It results in an excellent cushioning system in addition to being stable and comfortable.

Energy Sling. The upper of the Adipower S Boost 3 is composed of a lightweight and flexible one-piece textile material with a directly-welded Energy Sling to help with energy transfer and avoid power leaks. 

Climastorm. Compared to the previous model that uses Climaproof, the Adipower S Boost 3 uses a Climastorm upper, which keeps it breathable while repelling water.

The letter S in the shoe’ s name stands for “Sport” which explains the overall look of the shoe. Marrying the function of a golf shoe and the appearance of a runner, the Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 is a modern shoe that defies the traditional.  The textile upper is composed of different materials and textures that gives the opposite impression that it is a one-piece upper.

  • The Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 has a 2-year waterproofing warranty.
  • The brand also offers a 90-day comfort guarantee, which gives purchasers the option to return the product for full credit. 
  • The shoe is provided with a fitfoam GEO collar. It enhances the fit of the shoe and gives ankle support and protection.


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