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6 reasons to buy

  • Majority of those reviewing the Adidas Adicross Bounce state that it is one of the most comfortable golf shoes. It makes the experience of walking through the 18 holes bearable and enjoyable.
  • Many describe it as a practical and versatile shoe as no time is wasted on changing shoes when going on and off the course. 
  • Some of the purchasers laud the off-centered lace styling. It can be adjusted depending on the overall height and width of the foot. 
  • A couple of wearers find that there is nothing to miss on spiked shoes as the shoe provide adequate traction. 
  • A small percentage of users observe that this Adidas golf shoe is well worth the investment. 
  • It is the perfect shoe for summer because of its materials and construction, according to some of the users.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A high number of consumers strongly recommends the brand to make these waterproof as its use becomes limited to dry conditions only.
  • A handful of users have noticed that the shoe quickly gets stains when it gets wet. 
  • Several commenters feel disappointed that the stitching on the middle part of the shoe harbors dirt easily.

Bottom line

The spikeless construction matched with a modern look makes the Adicross Bounce stand out from the sea of saddles. Emitting a semblance with lifestyle shoes, users can make the most out of this golf footwear as it performs way beyond the course. Though there are a few glitches that can be improved, the $140 makes it all worth it given that it can also act as an everyday shoe.

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Good to know

The Adicross Bounce stands in the middle of a golf shoe and a sneaker. Its street-ready looks make this shoe be identified for casual wear, but the technologies beg to differ. Each part of the shoe is designed with efficiency in mind, from its lacing system, strategically placed lugs, and to its Bounce cushioning system.

Adiwear Outsole. More popularly used in tennis shoes, the high-wear durability of the Adiwear outsole also comes in useful for the Adicross Bounce.

Spikeless without the slip. Because of the less aggressive outsole and the absence of spikes, spikeless trainers gained the rep of having less reliable traction. The Adicross Bounce defies gravity with its 181 tactically-placed lugs, which enables maximum grip on dry surfaces without damaging the greens.

Versatility at its finest.  Driving through the 18 holes and then going to the mall next is possible with this shoe.

Bounce cushioning system. Whether planting the foot for a swing or traversing through the hazards, the responsive Bounce midsole comes as an advantage. This technology acts like a string that stretches when pressure is applied and goes back to its natural shape when removed. In effect, a more stable stance when doing a swing is achieved without compromising comfort.

Forged upper. The relatively new technology, the forging technique brings additional stability to golf shoes.  Heat is applied on strategic areas, precisely where lateral support is needed to thicken the material and make it more durable without weighing the shoe down. 

Lacing System. What is different about this performance shoe is that it doesn’t have a tongue. Alternatively, the textile upper wraps and hugs the foot giving a secure fit. 

A unique feature on all Adicross Bounce versions is the multiple eyelet rows with a cross-grid design which allows an adjustable fit to accommodate different types of feet.

Far from the traditional, the design of this footwear spells modern and sleek. Coming in a variety of colorways, those interested can choose from a striking red colorway to neutral shades. The off-centered lacing system composed of perforations adds stunning detail to its overall look.

  • Confident with the quality of its products, Adidas offers a 90-day comfort guarantee. 
  • American professional golfer Dustin Johnson helped launch the entire Adicross line. One of the pieces that he highlighted was the Adicross Bounce. 
  • The outsole is equipped with Puremotion which enables flexibility and traction.


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