361 Degrees Spire 3 review

The 361 Degrees Spire 3 is a one of a kind shoes. They are fairly new to the American market, and I would say I'm glad that I decided to try them. They are well-balanced shoes with capabilities to make every run feel like your best run.

Basic, not most appealing design

The basic design of the 361 Degrees Spire 3 is not the most appealing. I mean, at first look the shoe might not catch the eyes at all. The color I had was far from appealing, but other colors in this shoe are pretty good looking. 

But, let me tell you this: Wearing these marvelous shoes will leave you with awe.

These running shoes are pretty new on the American market, not as well known out here though they have created quite the uproar in the Asian market.

More comfy than expected

Let us go back to my first run. They were far more comfortable than what I expected. When I wore it for the first time, l felt that there was not enough room in the toe box.

During my first run, I could feel the top of my toenail (just in the left shoe only, not sure why) rubbing against the top of the shoe's upper fabric because there was not too much room in the toe box.

During my second run, I did not feel any rubbing. It seemed like after my first run, the shoe adapted to my foot and became comfortable.

I felt the toe box started to change its size to match the size of my foot. The shoe adapts to the comfort of the wearer, and that factor about it is amazing.

During the time of your run, it secures your midfoot and gives you the ample amount of cushion that your feet deserve during your long runs.

It does not just secure the midfoot, but it also locks it in place, so there are fewer chances of your foot moving, preventing injuries.

The upper part of the shoe is very breathable. Meanwhile, the lacing and tongue of this shoe are remarkably comfortable.


After wearing the 361 Degrees Spire 3 for approximately 50 runs, I can state that it would easily go to about 400-500 miles.

All-surface traction

The 361 Degrees Spire 3 is perfect for running on roads, as well as wet and muddy grounds. It provides traction and doesn't allow the shoe to slip, whether that be the sole or even the inside where your feet are.

The Spire 3 provides a very smooth run, whether that be on steep edges, elevated roads, corners, and any random turns. It provides enough stability that it can be a well-rounded shoe to be used in many areas.

This shoe is not extremely soft like a pillow, though neither is it firm. It provides a combination of perfect performance and the most comfortable cushioning. It has a great balance between the two, neither overpowering the other.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 10.4oz / Women 8.5oz
Drop: 9mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: 361 Degrees Spire 4
Forefoot height: 18mm
Heel height: 27mm

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Rajendrakumar Ghelda