9 users: 5 / 5
5 experts: 86 / 100
Terrain: Road / Treadmill
Weight: Men 10.5oz / Women 8.7oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 9mm
Arch support: Stability

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5 reasons to buy

  • Most users like that the 361 Degrees Nemesis is available in both standard and wide width sizing.
  • The majority of runners appreciate the excellent stability that the shoe offers.
  • The shoe is very durable, said many users.
  • A number of wearers state that the shoes are very comfortable and lightweight.
  • A few users mention how great the selection of color choices are.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The shoe has a slightly firmer ride as a handful of users claim.
  • One wearer says that the shoe needs accurate adjustment because it comes in a longer length.

Bottom line

The Nemesis from 361 Degrees was designed due to popular demand from the brand’s fanbase. It is a classic everyday running shoe that offers stability like no other. The shoe’s tested and proven platform consisting of the extended medial post is just one of its best features for that extra stability support. Thanks to the Nemesis’ combination of comfort and durability, it will push anyone to break their personal bests while having a responsive and enjoyable ride.

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Our reviews

/100 by Marijke van den Hamer, posted on .

This is my third pair by this brand. I’ve tested the Spire 3 and the Strata 3 before.

I liked both of those shoes, but they are also pretty similar, they are basically the highly cushioned, high milage models from 361, although the Spire is a neutral road running shoe whereas the Strata 3 is a stability shoe. So, I wondered where the Nemesis would fit into their line up.



A bit confused about the fact that they called it the Nemesis, shouldn’t a running shoe work with you and not against you?

I know it’s a traditional stability shoe, which corrects your gait (nowadays you see more and more stability shoes that guide your gait with guide rails and such rather than correcting your gait, but this is more or a traditional stability shoe that corrects your gait), but I still don’t really associate that with a nemesis.



I always find that the tongue on the 361 Degrees running shoes is a bit short. Especially if you use the extra eyelet as I do. I would appreciate it if they could just make it about 2 centimeters longer or so. There is some padding in the tongue and in the heel counter, but less than in the Spire 3 or Strata 3.

The Nemesis has a dual lacing system, a more traditional lacing system at the top and bottom eyelets and a loop system in the midfoot area. This is similar to the Morphit lacing system that can be found in the Strata 3.

However, with the Nemesis the loops don’t seem so attached to anything and they are glued to the eyelet area, so it seems to be more for the esthetics rather than to actually have a purpose.



The Nemesis has a toe guard on the toe cap, which is something I haven’t seen in other 361 Degrees shoes before.

And the toe box is a bit roomier than the other models I’ve tested, although I didn’t have any issues with the toe box in those either.



It has a softer Qu!ckfoam top layer and a stable EVA base layer underneath.

The EVA layer is a bit firmer around the midfoot area compared to the forefoot and the heel area. On both the medial and the lateral side. The EVA is also a bit firmer compared to the EVA layer of the Strata 3.



The outsole is made up out of blown rubber pods with two larger flex grooves which provide some flexibility. The outsole provides pretty good traction and is durable.

It has a more traditional medial post to provide stability, rather than the guide rails that are often seen these days or compared to the QU!K Spine they used in the Strata 3.



I had my regular size in the Spire 3 and Strata 3. And while the Spire 3 was fine, the Strata 3 ran a little small. So, I had decided to go up half a size for the Nemesis. Turns out I shouldn’t have because the sizing of the Nemesis is similar to that of the Spire 3.


The Nemesis weighs 246 grams and has a 17.5 mm forefoot stack and a 26.5 mm heel stack, giving it a 9 mm drop.

The Strata 3 weighs 265 grams with an 18 mm forefoot stack and 26 mm heel stack, thus with an 8 mm drop. And the Spire 3 weighs 241 grams and has a 12 mm forefoot stack and a 21 mm heel stack, which means it also has a 9 mm drop.



Even though the stack height of the Nemesis is comparable to that of the Strata 3 and higher than that of the Spire 3, the Nemesis has a less plush feeling compared to the other two.

In the Spire 3, the support comes from the upper as well as the midsole, while the main support of the Nemesis is in the midsole and the heel counter. The Nemesis is a more average everyday trainer, rather than a very high mileage shoe. 


The Nemesis is a combination of the Spire 3 and the Strata 3. It’s a stability shoe, but with a more elastic upper.



The nemesis is a more traditional kind of stability shoe compared to the Strata 3, but it corrects your stride in a pretty subtle way. It doesn’t feel like those stability shoes from a few years ago that just felt like someone shoved a tennis ball underneath your midfoot.

The Nemesis is for those looking for a more traditional stability shoe for every day. It has more ground feel than the Strata 3, but still comfortably corrects your stride. So I would say the nemesis isn’t much of a nemesis at all.

Marijke van den Hamer | Level 5 expert Verified
I’m Marijke, on social media also known as Heart Runner Girl. I love trying new things and inspiring others to get moving. I’ve started running in 2014 and I run races all over the world. My favourite distance is the marathon, but I also run shorter distances. I’ve ran the Berlin Marathon in 2017 and the Paris and New York Marathon in 2018. My goal is to one day become a six-star finisher.

The 361 Degrees Nemesis features a lot of great shoe technologies such as the QU!KFOAM midsole. It runs the full length of the shoe’s midsole and provides exemplary cushioning and smooth ride.

A QU!K Spine shank is also paired with an extended medial post to offer enhanced stability.

QU!K Flex 4Foot Engineering provides for a natural and balanced toe off and enhances ground contact for better acceleration.

The Nemesis’ breathable engineered mesh with open toe box design works well with the Pressure Free Tongue feature to offer excellent comfort avoiding any occurrences of irritation on the wearer’s feet during flexion.

The Nemesis is available in standard running shoe length for both men's and women's versions. The shoe’s toe box is designed wide to allow the wearer’s feet to splay comfortably. The feet naturally expand during the run, and the wide toe box accommodates that for a more enjoyable ride. Additionally, the upper’s stress-free tongue and lacing system guarantee a secure, personalized fit.

The 361 Degrees Nemesis’ outsole is made of extremely durable rubber. It has a firm base for a better push off while at the same time offering supreme grip and traction that can conquer a wide range of surfaces. The rubber outsole material is known to be highly abrasion resistant, and its flexibility allows it to retain the shoes’ shape no matter what movement.

One of the features in the outsole is the QU!K Flex 4Foot. This innovative engineered technology provides the wearer a natural and powerful toe-off. The QU!K Flex 4Foot enhances ground contact for better acceleration and powerful performance. 

The shoes’ outsole also has multi-directional grooves that further increase grip and traction. It digs into the ground, anchoring the shoe for a more solid base to push off from.

The QU!KFOAM midsole technology fully covers the whole length of the Nemesis. This unique shoe tech from 361 Degrees delivers cushioning and while offering an ultra-smooth ride.

Same as the material used in the popular running shoe, the On Cloud, the Nemesis’ midsole also uses the EVA foam. The EVA located towards the bottom of the midsole has excellent shock absorption that shields the foot from any damage. While further up the midsole, the EVA is softer and delivers optimum cushioning in the sole area of the foot. This also enhances the responsiveness of the Nemesis for a better energy return on every step.

The foot is further stabilized by the extended medial post that has an integrated lightweight QU!K Spine shank. This helps in spreading the energy evenly throughout the shoe, resulting in a more stable ride. 

At the forefoot of the midsole is a blown rubber that is combined with a durable and high abrasive crashpad. It is lightweight and offers shock dispersion and optimum traction.

The upper material of the Nemesis is enveloped in an extremely breathable engineered mesh. This material helps regulate the in-shoe environment during the course of the run. As the wearer’s feet start to warm up, the engineered mesh upper allows the hot air from inside to exit the shoe. It is then replaced by a cooler air that circulates from the outside, creating a constant cycle that keeps the feet well ventilated and feeling fresh.

The firm construction of the upper and its distinct overlay pattern is designed to hold the feet in an upright position. This also ensures that the feet stay protected and healthy during the duration of the run.

The 361 Degrees Nemesis is also incorporated with a soft and molded footbed. It provides a soft and personalized comfort that also doubles as a moisture-wicking property inside the shoe.

A soft and padded Pressure Free Tongue sits gently on the ankle, helping to reduce the risk of irritation caused by chafing and rubbing.

The shoe is finished off with a secure lacing system. It offers a comfortable fit throughout the wearer’s foot.

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