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  • The upper of the 361 Degrees Enjector is made of seamless air mesh. This textile is highly breathable, easily allowing air to pass through and cool the foot off. With its stretchable characteristic, it molds to the shape of the foot, delivering a fit that’s snug and secure.
  • The 361 Degree Enjector was made with the QDP (Quick Dynamic Performance) System on the midsole. The system is made up of three buffering layers or foams. Each one does its job to enhance the shock absorption, as well as the responsiveness delivered to the runner.
  • On the outsole is the Qu!k Flex 4Foot engineering which allows the foot to move more naturally. Flexing, bending and other movements made while running come easily because of this design feature. It also enhances the ground contact of the shoe’s bottom for better traction and acceleration.

The 361 Degrees Enjector is available in standard running shoe measurements. Runners will be able to get their pair in their preferred length measurements. As for the width, it comes in D – medium and B – medium for male and female runners respectively.

The outsole is non-slip. A sturdier rubber was placed on high-wear areas like the forefoot and heel part to improve the traction and grip on most surfaces. Because the grip is enhanced, it also helps runners propel forward and accelerate. The rest of the outsole is made with a rubber that permits enough flexibility.

Designed on the bottom of the shoe, the Qu!K Flex 4Foot engineering allows the foot to move naturally. Different flex grooves mimic the motion of the foot, permitting a smooth transition from one phase of the running cycle to the next. The grooves also enhance the ground contact of the sole, complementing the grip produced by the rubber material on the bottom of the shoe.

On the midsole of the 361 Degrees Enjector is the QDP (Quick Dynamic Performance) System made up of three layers of foam. There’s the Qu!ck Foam insole which is at the top, Qu!ck Foam midsole which is the middle layer, and a final layer of stable EVA. The system delivers the right combination of cushioning and responsiveness. Runners will be able to feel a good amount of energy return, support, and lasting comfort during runs.

The upper is a seamless blend of Air Mesh. The material is breathable and lightweight, allowing proper ventilation to the foot without adding significant weight. Through this material, hotspots are significantly lessened. Because the construction is seamlessness, it reduces the risk of irritation caused by traditional seams and stitches.

The 361 Degrees Enjector, an affordable running shoe, doesn’t have any overlays except the “3” logo which is found on one side on the midfoot area of the upper. It doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. It also slightly strengthens the upper material.


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