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Arch Support
Neutral pronation
Normal training
Estimated Price
W: 323 g
M: 377 g
Heel to Toe Drop
W: 12 mm
M: 12 mm

The good

  • For stylish runners, the Nike Air Max 2016 is the best choice, coming with cool styles in various colors.

  • A long-lasting road running shoe, according to the observation of some testers.

  • Much better breathability and air ventilation on the mesh upper section, which gives more comfort even for long hours of running.

  • Features a rubber material called the Environmentally Preferred Rubber (EPR), which helps in increasing the shoe's traction.

  • This Nike product also includes a great technology called the Tubular construction that allows the passage of air in the underfoot and also improves transition.

The bad

  • The Nike Air Max 2016 is heavy, which may make trainings a challenge.

  • Some runners are unhappy with the shoe's latest edition because it features the same sole unit as the previous version.

  • It is expensive.

Bottom line

  • A neutral running shoe that offers different benefits to runners with underpronation and low to medium arches. The Nike Air Max 2016 is designed for road, gravel and track use with its outer sole made of carbon rubber to avoid slipping off the ground. A really great shoe if the interested party is willing to shell out a significant investment.


Expert Reviews

The Run Streak
Level 3 expert
Full review by Matt Marcella
The Nike Air Max are a lightweight yet solid shoe that will allow you to keep going longer and safer.
Sole Review
Level 5 expert
Full review by Sole Review
Nike’s ultimate expression of the blow molded Max Air technology, the Air Max is one helluva unique running shoe. It rides well enough for what it is, with supportive cushioning and a comfortable upper. Downsides are the weight, price and tongue slide.
  • 94
    The Run StreakLevel 3 expertFull review by Matt Marcella
    The Nike Air Max are a lightweight yet solid shoe that will allow you to keep going longer and safer.
  • 90
    Wear TestersLevel 1 expertFull review by Nightwing 2303
    Flexibility with maximum impact protection.
  • 90
    Your Comfy FeetLevel 3 expertFull review by Your Comfy Feet
    The image one attaches to the Nike Air Max 2015 is one that has been typical throughout the shoes lifespan. You get a shoe that looks well balanced, especially at the rear as the heel is a little less high than competing products whilst the front looks sleek, like it will pierce whatever it runs through.
  • 86
    Men's HealthLevel 5 expertFull review by Men's Health
    The Nike Air Max ’s much vaunted features, including its air bag cushioning system, don’t always work in its favour. But take this shoe out on high mileage runs and races – and you’ll find that the newest addition to the popular Air Max running line a very worthy workhorse.
  • 85
    Media MikesLevel 1 expertFull review by Mike Gencarelli
    I feel like if you have purchased Air Max before you should be happy with them.
  • 80
    SK RunningLevel 4 expertFull review by Kredy
    The shoe stays true to its size and has a 10mm heel-to-toe drop. Something that is unusual in neutral running shoes.
  • 80
    Run PalsLevel 5 expertFull review by Run Pals
    It is a bit heavier than a number of the other shoes made for high arched feet but that is a sign of the extra support that is provided.
  • 66
    Shoe TilesLevel 3 expertFull review by Shoe Expert
    Nike’s most expensive shoe isn’t its finest, yet looks unlike none other. This year’s edition comes with a brand new upper, and carries over the same sole unit.
  • 64
    Sole ReviewLevel 5 expertFull review by Sole Review
    Taking into account the lighter weight, these are the only functional updates you’re likely to discover during a run. From a running usage standpoint, Nike’s alpha-priced running sneaker has always been about more show than go.
  • 60
    Sole ReviewLevel 5 expertFull review by Sole Review
    Nike’s ultimate expression of the blow molded Max Air technology, the Air Max is one helluva unique running shoe. It rides well enough for what it is, with supportive cushioning and a comfortable upper. Downsides are the weight, price and tongue slide.

Comparison chart

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If you are looking for a running shoe that will provide great comfort, cushioning and support, Nike Air Max is definitely the shoe that you are looking for. It will make you run for long distances and still experience the benefits that it offers. This shoe is one of the shoes maximizing the cushioning the most.

If you want to experience maximum comfort, durability and stability, the Nike Air Max is definitely one of the best options that you have. But of course, you should determine first your specific needs before finally deciding to buy it. The Nike Air Max is a neutral running shoe that greatly helps the under pronators. Pronation is one thing that needs to be managed very well.

Are they for you?


The recommended price of the Nike Air Max is $180. This price range is quite expensive if we compare it with the price ranges of other running shoes available on the market today.

Arch support and pronation control

The Nike Air Max is a neutral running shoe that specifically attends to the needs of the people with under pronation. Runners with low to medium foot arches are the ones who will most likely benefit more from this shoe. When supination, another term for under pronation occurs, it means that the body weight of the runner remains on the outside of the foot.


If you love running on terrains such as road, track and gravel, the Nike Air Max is one of the great options that you have. If we talk about features, this running shoe has a carbon rubber outer sole that ensures that you will not easily slip off the ground while running, especially in wet conditions. Moreover, it also provides the comfort and protection that you need while running.


With the features and technologies used on the Nike Air Max, this is appropriate to be used for normal trainings. As a matter of fact, using this neutral shoe can really help a lot if you want to improve your performance in running. In addition, it is also suitable to be used for high mileage. There is no way you can use this shoe for speed work because it is heavy. Doing various speed works such as sprinting requires you to have a lightweight shoe.


There is no need to worry that your running shoe will easily get damaged because the Nike Air Max has features that increases its durability. Multiple layers of different materials are used so that it can offer not only durability, but also ventilation and stability. In addition to that, this running shoe also provides a durable traction with the presence of the BRS 1000 on its outer sole.

Fit and sizing

For the fit of this Nike shoe, it can accommodate people with medium-sized heel, mid-foot and forefoot. Runners who have these sizes will really enjoy the benefits of this shoe because it still has enough space that can make you move. However, this also means that runners with wide-sized feet cannot avail this shoe. The Nike Air Max can cause discomfort because it would be too tight if you will really insist in using it.

You just have to pick your actual size when you order the Nike Air Max because it has the standard running shoe length. The sizing of this shoe will not create confusion at all, unlike other running shoes wherein you would need to order a half size bigger or smaller than your actual size.


The Nike Air Max weighs 377 grams for the men's version and 323 grams for the women's version, which means that it is a heavyweight running shoe, and because of this, it could be a disadvantage. Compared to other neutral running shoes available right now, the Nike Air Max is really one of the heavy ones.

Heel height

The heel height of the Nike Air Max measures 34 mm. It is very important to take note of the heel height of the running shoe that you want. As much as possible, it should have enough heel height that can protect your heel against the debris on the ground so that you will not feel pain during running.

Forefoot height

The men and women's versions of the Nike Air Max both have a forefoot height of 22 mm. Just like the heel height, the forefoot height also serves as a protection for your forefoot against the debris on the ground. It is very important to have a running shoe that has enough forefoot height so that your forefoot will be protected and will not get hurt in the middle of the run.

Heel-to-toe drop

The heel to toe drop of the Nike Air Max measures 15 mm for the men's version and 7 mm for the women's version. The drop of the men's version is quite high.

Elements of the Nike Air Max


The Waffle Pattern Outsole remains to be the outsole configuration in this line as it helps with traction and even distribution of weight with each stride. Nike uses the tough BRS 1000 carbon rubber in the outsole for exceptional durability. There are also gender-specific flex grooves for better flexibility.


The iconic Air Max Unit is still located in the heel and forefoot for superb shock-absorbing and cushioning features. Spanning the entire length of the shoe is the lightweight and durable Cushlon foam. It has decent responsiveness and adds to the plush feel of the shoe.


An engineered mesh provides breathable coverage and a more adjustable fit that works very well with the Dynamic Flywire cables. Nike adds another group in the Flywire construction to enable runners their most comfortable and personalized fit. These cables are directly attached to the sole and the laces, which is why they hold the foot extremely well. Nike’s use of the Notched Inner Sleeve makes sockless wearing a great option for runners.

The technical construction of the Nike Air Max

Running shoes vary from one another because of the different features and technologies used in the construction of these advanced shoes. Several companies have developed outstanding shoes that offer unique comfort and performance, which are very essential in providing the quality that the users need for their running experience.

The Nike Air Max is among those shoes designed by Nike to cater to the needs of their runners who are into comfortable and well-cushioned running shoes. This shoe gives you a great amount of durability and stability to keep you secured during the whole duration of your run.

The Overlay used in the Nike Air Max is placed strategically to give you a very good support and seamless comfort, which is really important for runners. In terms of midsole construction, it uses a sculpted cushioning midsole design that gives more resilient and better cushioning to help you deal with impact landings.

The Waffle Pattern Outsole component is a great component that effectively distributes the weight of the runner to keep you from experiencing more impact on every landing. This outsole component is also very helpful in providing a much smoother ride with better traction and durability. Most of the time, this part of the shoe is really created with more durability to withstand any unforgiving terrains.

The mesh upper section of this shoe promotes better air ventilation and breathability. This is crucial for most running shoes because having a mesh upper will give more comfort and support in the upper section of the shoe. The mesh upper construction is quite common among running shoes since this is effectively comfortable and lightweight in material, which means that it will not affect the overall weight of the shoe.

Tubular construction is a great technology that basically allows passage of air in the underfoot section and at the same time, this helps you get much better transitions during your heel strike. Allowing more air inside the shoe will help you eliminate unwanted moisture inside which is often the cause of discomfort for most runners.

The Nike Air Max is a great running shoe that could help you improve your performance with a great amount of cushioning and comfort that it brings, as well as the stability and support that you need.

Offers and discounts

One of the best choices when it comes to running shoes is the Nike Air Max, especially if you want to get the right amount of comfort, support and cushioning. If you think that you cannot afford this shoe, the good news is that, you can actually avail this at a lower price. You may look for sales wherein you can get big discounts. From time to time, there are many stores that offer sales. Through this, you can surely get the Nike Air Max without spending so much.

Men’s and women’s Nike Air Max

Heel cushioning

The heel cushioning of the Nike Air Max is rated 7 out of 10 for the men’s version and 6 out of 10 for the women’s version. These ratings are actually enough to provide the needed cushioning in the heel. It is still very important to be careful when running with this pair of shoes to really make sure that the shock will not go up to your legs.

Forefoot cushioning

In terms of forefoot cushioning, the men’s version of the Nike Air Max is rated 5 out of 10, while the women’s version is rated 7 out of 10. Just like in the heel, there is just enough cushioning in the forefoot that can give protection while running.


For the stiffness of the Nike Air Max, the men’s version is rated 8 out of 10, while the women’s version is rated 9 out of 10. This shoe has good stiffness, which is very important to ensure that you do not have that much control of your foot. Moreover, this also implies that it still has the flexibility that you also need during running. It implies that if a shoe is stiff, it is also stable.


When it comes to the stability of this neutral shoe, it is rated 7 out of 10 for both the men and women’s versions. Because of this, you will get the right amount of support that is needed while running so that you can avoid unwanted events to happen. This also means that there is a fixed transition from heel to toe.

Similar running shoes

The Nike Air Max is a great option for those people who are looking for a good pair of shoes that they can use on any day and anywhere they would want to go. This is one of the durable pair of shoes, which are made available in the market right now. One of the best things about this shoe is that it offers great cushioning and comfort for the users. This is also very stylish and easy to clean pair of shoes. If you want people to notice you, the Nike Air Max will definitely make you more noticeable.

However, the biggest problem that other people encounter about this shoe is that this is heavy and a little bit pricey. That is the main reason why others would try to look for other options in the market. Among the best alternatives for the Nike Air Max would be the Mizuno Wave Enigma 4, Adidas Supernova Glide 6 and the Asics GT-2000 2.

The Mizuno Wave Enigma is among those well-cushioned road running shoes, which are really perfect for high mileage runs. This shoe has a higher profile because of its great heel and forefoot cushioning that it can offer to its users. When it comes to stability, this shoe is capable to provide you a great amount of support for your run.

Meanwhile, the Adidas Supernova Glide is also another well-cushioned and comfortable shoe that you can find today. Softer than the Nike Air Max and Mizuno Wave Enigma 4, this shoe has proven to be more advantageous and flexible. The stability features of this shoe are great. Moreover, the heel and forefoot cushioning are also exceptional. If you are into long runs, then this is a great option for you.

Lastly, the Asics GT-2000 offers a really very high amount of forefoot and heel cushioning. This is among those shoes that provide great comfort even on your first time to use this one. The Asics GT-2000 2 is also softer and more flexible compared to the other shoes that were mentioned earlier. Stability and support are never a problem as well because this shoe keeps you secure for your run.


This running shoe has many benefits that you could avail while running. It may have some imperfections, but once you experience running with it, for sure, you will really love it. It makes you feel comfortable even for long hours, and at the same time, it also makes you feel secure.

There are still many runners who are not yet sure if they would get a pair of the Nike Air Max running shoes. It is not yet clear to them how great this shoe is, it is advisable for those people who have already tried this shoe to make a review about it. Definitely, it will help the runners who are still in doubt with this neutral shoe.

Nike Air Max 2016

What’s new?

The Nike Air Max 2016 is the new update for one of the most popular series of footwear from Nike. It is a premier running shoe that is great for daily use. It is a neutral footwear, so runners who have a natural stance when running would be able to find the best service from this footwear.

This new version of the long-standing series looks simple yet sleek. The upper material is visibly breathable and the entire shape of it looks to be able to fit nicely around many types of feet. It is one of the most anticipated updates and it is gearing up for a great release.

The upper material of the Nike Air Max 2016 features engineered mesh; Spacer mesh is made up of a material that has visible, yet closely spaced holes. These holes would enable air to seamlessly enter the footwear to keep the foot cool and dry. From a distance, you might even mistake the upper for a material that is knitted together. Beneath the comfortable mesh are padding that would serve as sources of comfort for the skin, as well as a lock down mechanism.

Your foot will not feel irritated because the upper has a No-Sew construction. Dynamic Flywires are located on the lateral and medial sides of this running shoe. These wires are directly connected with the lacing system, so when the shoe laces are tightened or loosened they would react to it. A molded sock liner would adapt to the shape of the runner’s foot, making the platform for comfortable and secure.

The Cushlon mid-sole material is a foam unit that runs through the entire length of the Nike Air Max 2016. It gives a bouncy, comfortable and responsible cushioning. The Air Max Technology, which is a mid-sole mechanic that utilizes pressurized air pockets of high volumes of air, is present in this update; it would provide protection from the impact forces brought about by landing the foot on the ground. Flex grooves are added in the sole unit to provide natural flexibility for the runner.

The outsole unit of the Nike Air Max 2016 has a unique look because it is made with a semi-transparent material. The BRS 1000 carbon rubber material is meant to deliver reliable durability and protection for the runner. Environmentally Preferred Rubber in the forefoot area would add traction so that the footwear would be able to hold the ground more.

Who can use this shoe?

Men and women have followed the Air Max series since its first iteration. It is a footwear that spans multiple generations. The products of this series have appealed to the masses and a lot of people have apparently enjoyed the fit, the performance and the comfort that they bring. Now, the Air Max 2016 from Nike aims to continue that trend by improving on the mechanics of the previous ones, while also delivering reliable quality.

If you are a runner who wants to gain more speed and confidence as you streak through the roads, then this running shoe might be the one for you. It is perfect for road racing; its previous versions have been used for many athletic activities such as 5K runs and other races. It is dependable and certainly very fun to wear.

The Nike Air Max 2016 can also be used for a variety of activities that go beyond the act of running. You can wear this footwear and make it your go-to partner for your gym sessions; you can use it for full body exercises; and you can also use it for casual purposes. It is a versatile running shoe that many people can definitely enjoy.

Nike Air Max 2016 review

The Nike Air Max 2016 has been a popular brand and model of footwear that have garnered the trust and the collective desires of many an athlete. But it has also caught the attention of casual runners. This series has become a household name and people are definitely enjoying it. Reviews for the previous versions were stellar, so you can expect this new one to aim as high as its predecessors. Careful design choices and a vision for improvement would definitely make the Nike brand more formidable in the world of athletic footwear. The Nike Air Max 2016 is a testament of that.

Nike Air Max 2015

What’s new?

In order to achieve maximum comfort for your run, there is a combination of enhanced flexibility and optimum cushioning with the presence of the full-length Air Max unit. You will be able to experience great breathability because of the tubular construction. Moreover, this also promotes better heel-to-toe transition.

When it comes to the breathability on the upper, it uses the Hyperfuse upper, which offers breathability that is lightweight. This shoe has various areas of ventilation, stability and durability, where you greatly need them.

Furthermore, the Nike Air Max+ 2015 also has the Waffle Pattern Outsole, which is responsible for distributing the runner’s weight more evenly in the shoe. As a result, it will create improved traction and a much smoother ride. You do not have to worry about slipping off the wet surface.

Who can use this shoe?

The Nike Air Max 2015 is shoe that addresses the needs of those who have neutral pronation or those people who have medium to high arches. This means that this pair does not give the necessary support in order to cater to the needs of the overpronators. However, it does perfectly well for other arch types, allowing it to be a need of a much wider market. It is important that those who have overpronation will not use this pair as it might lead to permanent consequences and injuries.

The Nike Air Max 2015 is able to maximize its potential when used in flat and even surfaces such as the road, gravel and track. With the level of traction it offers, you won’t have to worry about slipping on that wet road. With the energy-giving Max Air technology, this pair would allow you to conquer tracks of different types in a very short amount of time with the least stress and strain possible. This pair, though, won’t fare well when used on harsh and uneven terrain such as the trail, off-trail and mountain as its outsole isn’t durable enough, it’s upper isn’t protective enough, and its design isn’t fit enough.

Normal training is something that the Nike Air Max 2015 is made for. It allows you to improve yourself as you wear this when you conquer mile after mile. It is, however, not meant for speed running as it is relatively heavier compared to the other shoes.

Nike Air Max 2015 review

Experience extraordinary comfort and durability in style with the Nike Air Max 2015. With its many different features, this pair would surely capture the hearts of people from the running community. Available in men/women’s version, and with its fancy look, this pair would really grab attention.

The Nike Air Max 2015 features the Overlay, the Waffle Pattern Outsole, the mesh upper, the Tubular Construction and the Max Air Technology, giving the pair the traction, breathability and responsiveness that most people admire. These technologies are what gave this pair the good reviews that it has been receiving since its release, and it is these same technologies that would push this pair forward as it improves throughout the years.

For those who are looking forward to running on long distances, the Nike Air Max 2015 is good for you, as although it’s a bit heavy, it also provides the maximum comfort that is really needed during long runs. Its great ventilation system would also keep your feet cozy and dry, consequently making your feet blister-free.

Although the pair is a bit highly priced, it maintains the standard that Nike has set with its previous releases. It mixes durability, functionality and style, making it a very good investment in the long run.

Nike Air Max 2014

What’s new?

The Nike Air Max 2014 is another breakthrough in the world of running shoes. Nike Air Max continues to create and develop enhanced running shoes in order to satisfy and meet the requirements of the runners. This shoe is fully packed with the most innovative shoe features that are carefully engineered by Nike to provide the best option of running shoe for short or long distance run.

Nike emphasizes some aesthetic changes for this version, and with the shoe being hailed as one of the best running shoe for neutral runners, many are expecting much from this shoe. There are several features to notice about this shoe, and one of those is the super cool and breathable upper of the shoe because of the tubular construction and because of the Hyperfuse system that offers a well-ventilated, lightweight material. Combined with it is a blend of superb flexibility, comfort, and cushioning, making the shoe a true model of maximum comfort.

This shoe is also designed with a full-length Max Air unit, which means you can expect optimum cushioning that offers a softer and cloud-like cushioning system that gives you the feeling of riding in the air with all the energy and force to run faster and longer. Instead of using the traditional midsole, Nike used a see-through air bag for its cushioning system, providing not just the comfort, but the stability as well. Your foot will feel the trampoline-like effect of this air bag in every stride.

In its outer sole, you will find how nice this shoe can be. The rubber outsole is intended to be environment-friendly and it features the carbon rubber pods that are strategically arranged under the sole. It provides increased traction and a smooth heel to toe transition and a more responsive ride that every runner wants to experience. With the flex grooves in the outsole, your foot will keep on running in such a faster and better way without causing foot injury.

Who can use this shoe?

The Nike Air Max 2014 is a fast and soft running shoe engineered to suit neutral runners who need the support for their medium arches type of foot. The layer of cushion foam in the midsole makes the shoe supportive enough for runners dealing with supination or under pronation. Because the foot rolls outwardly, runner will need a stable shoe to help manage the foot motion and make it move naturally. Most of them need a shoe with plenty of cushioning, flexibility, and support, and this Air Max 2014 has it all. The sole has increased shock absorption that helps prevent foot injury.

Nike designed this shoe to suit road, gravel, and track terrains. The carbon rubber in its outer sole is highly durable and is intended to endure the pavement and slight irregularities in the ground. The rubber has great traction and grip on smooth surfaces, allowing you to run efficiently without slipping off the ground. This shoe is also designed to be useful in any of your running routines, normal trainings, and some long distance and high mileage runs. The level of comfort this shoe provides will definitely benefit both men and women who do running as part of the daily activities.

Nike Air Max 2014 review

The Nike Air Max 2014 neutral running shoe is a great option if you are after the cushioning, flexibility, and comfort. It has a great shock absorption system that prevents your foot from experiencing the tiredness and pressure in running. It is a good training shoe for you if you aim at improving your foot’s running abilities, especially if you are considering joining a marathon or long distance competition. If you need a smooth transition from simple running to better one for a high mileage race, you will definitely find the assistance from this shoe.

This shoe promises of a supreme protection from impact at such a lightweight and efficient rubber pods. With its top of the line cushioning, this shoe delivers the maximum performance in running, and it is because of the ultimate cushioning, flexibility, and support this shoe offers. As you aim to improve your running performance, you will also get the most needed support all throughout the gait cycle, assuring you of the balanced foot motion and eliminating the injury.

Enjoy the coolest design of this shoe with its translucent air bag type of midsole and let your feet move on and on in its comfort and flexibility. This shoe is your best option for that maximum running performance.

Nike Air Max 2013

What’s new?

The Nike Air Max 2013 introduces the latest of the Nike Air Max with its popular and much appreciated Air Max technology. The proper blending of innovative features in this shoe resulted in a carefully engineered running shoe for neutral runners who want the softness and comfort. This is one of the things that runners want to feel on any running and foot activities, and this is what the Nike Air Max is for.

Nike Air Max is known for its air-filled bag in the midsole that offers the bounce and cushioning at such light weight feature. Though it comes much thicker and heavier for a cushioning system, yet it comes with a maximum bag of air for a softer and comfier ride.

There are also some features being enhanced in this version. The outsole is greatly improved in terms of efficiency and durability. It is not only highly durable win its carbon rubber materials, but also more responsive and smooth. In the forefoot area, Nike utilized the EPR or the Environmentally Preferred Rubber for increased traction and to avoid slipping on wet grounds. The outsole is also enhanced with the Flex Grooves, which give the shoe a smooth heel to toe transition at great level of flexibility and stability in its gender specific system.

The midsole are also given specific details in its shock absorbing cushion that works hand in hand with the Max Air. Running feels much like you are running in a maximum volume of air pressure, giving you the bounce you want for an enjoyable ride.

Another thing to love about this shoe is its design. Nike always standout when it comes to style and design, giving runners the luxury of a well-designed running shoe that suits lifestyle and fashion-wise casual use as well. Moreover, being a running shoe, many individuals also prefer this shoe because of its high quality appearance and construction, making it a foot gear that can go well with any of the rugged or casual wear.

Who can use this shoe?

The Nike Air Max 2013 running shoe is for neutral runners who have low to medium foot arches, with great cushioning, comfort, and support, this is the shoe that will benefit those runners who are also dealing with supination or under pronation. These features allow he foot to have a proper balance when running and that is to correct the running techniques while providing support to avoid injury and reduce stress and pressure on muscles. Both men and women who want the comfort and support will get them from this shoe.

This shoe is also designed with outsole that is highly durable and reliable over road, track, and gravel terrains. With the carbon rubber as the main material for the outsole, it has a great grip and traction on slippery ground surfaces while it keeps the shoe durable for use over a long period of time. It is designed as a normal training shoe and it will help you improve your running techniques. But because of its great features and durability, this shoe is also ideal for any of your high mileage running activities.

Nike Air Max 2013 review

The Nike Air Max 2013 offers the most comfortable running shoe for normal trainings and casual running. Being a Nike Air Max shoe, you can expect that Nike built this from high quality shoe technologies and materials. One proof is that it is among the many expensive shoes in the market today that has the edge when it comes to features, design, and performance. It comes very stylish and attractive, in its color combinations. No wonder many runners and active players love to have it in their collections of shoes.

The presence of these innovative shoe features makes this shoe not just a comfortable and supportive running shoe on road terrains, but also highly efficient running shoe that gives the much desired wonderful running experience by many runners. Knowing that it is from Nike and that it utilizes the popular Nike Air system, expect a great supply of comfort and security as you enjoy your short or long distance routines and your occasional long runs. Nike Air Max aims to satisfy your running experience as you improve your natural running abilities.